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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been an integral part of the Cain Family since 2008 when Shaun Cain experienced first-hand the wonderful work they do when he visited the hospital with the Eric Trump Foundation as a Board Member. Since then, Shaun and his family have worked tirelessly with St. Jude to design an in-store Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Pin-Up Promotion to benefit the kids of St. Jude through $1 donations from their guests. The promotion began with just 10 store and only raised $7,090 and Shaun knew CMI needed to do better. The Cain Family began involving surrounding franchise groups and the numbers grew exponentially. Presently, through the efforts of CMI to promote the incredible research work of St. Jude and the resources, facilities and hope they provide to families in need, the St. Jude Pin-Up Promotion now involves over 500 stores throughout the tri-state area from 30 separate franchise groups. To date, the promotion has raised over $1,200,000 and our goal this year is to raise $500,000 to go directly to the patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We would like to thank the following franchise groups for their continued participation to help end childhood cancer:

  • Metro Franchisee
  • NY Donut
  • ARF Corporation
  • Westside Donuts
  • Dekk Management
  • Rao Network
  • Legacy QSR
  • Atlantis Management
  • Batista/Williams Organization
  • Great Neck Donuts
  • Jeff Polizotto’s Group
  • Beekman Group
  • Canyon Donuts
  • King’s Point Venutre
  • Salz Group
  • Jablon Brothers Network
  • Rassell Network
  • P2 Donuts
  • Rising Dough Enterprises
  • FKB Donuts
  • Hillcrest Marshall Inc
  • Kissena Donuts
  • Alexashel Corp
  • Santoro Group
  • NBG Management
  • Dan Chairavalle’s Network
  • Jain Network
  • Saurabh Desai’s Group
  • Rupani Group
  • Danny K’s Group

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/JoyInChildhoodFoundation/

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