At Cain Management, we know we are only as good as our team members and therefore we continue to strive to recruit the best people to interact with our guests on a daily basis.

Our Team


Laura Natalie Reid


Laura Reid joined the Cain Networks in May 2006. Originally hired as a bookkeeper for the 5-store network that had just been acquired, her position was expanded additional stores were opened and acquired in both Connecticut and New York. Now as Controller she is responsible for all the financial and human resource activities of all entities under the Cain Network umbrella.

Frank O’Neill

Accounting Manager-CT

Responsible for all accounting functions for all Connecticut stores.

Eva Marie Colla

Accounting Manager-NY/HR Administrator

Responsible for many accounting functions for New York stores while also responsible for the administration of all Health and Supplemental Insurance policies.

Jessica Turek

Accounting Clerk

Responsible for the daily tracking and maintenance of all banking transactions and many accounting duties including analysis of the New York weekly P&L statements.

Bernadette Stainrod

Accounts Payable Manager

Responsible for the analysis and payment of all payables for all entities and daily reporting of sales for all entities.

Michael Steinman

Assistant to the Controller

Responsible for the reporting and coordination for all business insurance claims, while supporting all staff in various reporting, accounting and correspondence tasks.

Ingrid Ballesteros

Payroll Specialist

Responsible for supporting the Payroll Manager with weekly payroll processing, new hire management and various support duties for staff.


Robert Anderson

Vice President of Operations, CMI II

Robert spent 20 years in retail management before joining Dunkin Brands in December of 2013. Most of those years were spent as the NYC District Manager for Party City and Dollar Tree before he was promoted to Regional Vice President at Family Dollar. There he was responsible for 255 stores, spanning 7 states and also won “Field Manager of the Year” in 2013. After 3 ½ years of working with Dunkin Brands, the stars aligned and Bob had the good fortune of meeting Shaun Cain, and after seeing his passion for his business and the way that he treats his people, he quickly realized that this was the person and the company that he wanted to work for forever.

Halim Mohammed

Director of Operations, CMI I and CMI III

Halim joined the CMI family in 1995, where he served as a team member at one of Jim Cain’s first Dunkin Donuts stores as a counter person. From there, Halim demonstrated he was interested more responsibility and quickly began being promoted from within to Manager of CMI’s only TROMBO location. He then became the manager of the CML Manufacturing Facility that produced product for the entire network and quickly earned the title of Director in the CT market. When CMI expanded into Queens NY, Halim became the Director of the newest network and worked alongside Shaun to manage the CMI II development. After 10 years as director of the Queens market, Halim returned to CT where he is currently serving as Director for CMI I and CMI III.

District Supervisors

The function of a District Supervisor is to oversee the overall operation of a group of restaurants within an assigned territory, and report to the VP. Some typical responsibilities include recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding new Restaurant Managers and Shift Leaders as well as training, supervising, supporting and directing their team. The Dirstrict Supervisor also ensures that CMI, Dunkin Brand and BOH standards are met and maintained all while working closely with the Brand’s Operational Manager to ensure compliance. In addition, they are responsible for analyzing and reacting to sales, payroll, inventory and LP reports, along with P&L’s and meeting sales, payroll and food cost goals weekly. District Supervisors also work closely with the Corporate Headquarters Team, and serve as a liaison between the field and the office and are responsible for the interviewing and approving new team members in their store.

Donald Lewis

North District

H Nanacha

Middle District

Abdus Samad

South District

Network Trainers

The function of a Network Trainer is to assist the District Supervisor with training and compliance. Some typical responsibilities include training newly hired or newly promoted Managers and Shift leaders on CMI Operations and ensuring that the Restaurant Managers in the district are current with their online courses. They also assist with Window Readiness execution and will periodically join their District Supervisor and VP for office days and restaurant visits to help with their development and future growth. The goal is for our Network trainers to become our District Supervisors of the future!

Manaz Ahmed

North District

Rathi Pragash

Middle District

Rian Zaman

South District

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